You Can Never Go Back | Glen Sorestad

Within me still, the child that will not leave
would have me return to a little farmhouse
surrounded by thickets of aspen trees.

Who could deny there is idyllic charm,
inviting pastoral appeal in such a scene,
one to conjure memories, aching and warm,

a benchmark for other places I’ve been
to be measured against? What I do know
is that oddly tinted light by which I’ve seen

this place or that, how the wind will flow
across this hill and down, or how the sky
renews itself daily, there and there, just so.

The child in me always wonders why
return is not an option. No matter how I try,
each answer comes out sounding like a sigh.

Glen Sorestad is a Canadian poet who was been publishing his poems in many parts of the world over the past half-century. He is the author of over twenty books of poetry and his poems have appeared in over seventy anthologies and textbooks, as well as being translated into eight different languages. Sorestad lives in Saskatoon on the South Saskatchewan River.

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