Village | Barney Ashton-Bullock

These dew dashed Ballard Downs at dusk,
Their flannelette filtered translucency,
Their ethereally gust thwacked sparsity,
Their muted refractions of wheat-sheaves asway,
Grainy as y’like in the drawn light;
We, mere pinpoints a-prance,
Free-styling in the flashlights
‘Midst their giddy levity…

Our scruff of signature left in the stomped crops trample.

We vortices of loneliness
Eschew the coital co-substantiates
Of a GPS iPhone app engineering freelove
Betwixt such brittle strangers…

Who melt for lust and pour for sex.

The top road through which we, as e’er, shuffling exeunt
To the 09.07 market day bus;
The rusting hoops of stanchions of the withered
Wreck of shelter in which ‘first time’ memories were made…

Cigs, ket, stout, cide, hash, snog, blow, laid, vom, chuck.

On that trusty bus immemorial, now, only e’er on a Thursday,
Sometimes, silently, without word or intimation,
Through the wanding wonk of cattle pong that sands the breeze,
A youngster won’t return
And an aged farmer’s wife in well versed, mock concern
Will glintily gliss ‘er tamps o’goss…

“Dreckly, all spuddlins hath ped off thru d’dimpsey of a yoretide eve
Dey’ll match an’ hatch as t’were e’er thus;’cordin’ t’dis eye, ’tis ne’er a goodbye!”

As, in absentia, all flaxen fledglings were wont t’do
As, in perpetu, all sylvan nestlings e’er ‘av and must…
“Afore the byre’s been tromped to mere dander dust.”


Barney Ashton-Bullock has had poems published in ‘The Pandorian’ ‘The New River Press Year Book’ and in the ‘Soho Nights II’ and ‘Soho Nights III’ pamphlets published by The Society Club Press. He has also written 3 theatrical song-cycles for Erasure’s Andy Bell as the polysexual character ‘Torsten’; ‘Torsten The Bareback Saint’, ‘Torsten The Beautiful Libertine’ and ‘Torsten In Queereteria’ and, from these, has had three spin-off poetry publications published. ‘Mottled Memoirs’ in the performance programme for ‘Torsten The Bareback Saint’, the full poetry collection ‘Schema / Stasis’ by The Society Club Press and five poems known as ‘Filthy, Rhymey Murk’ that were included in the deluxe edition of the ‘Torsten In Queereteria’ album published by Cherry Red Records.

He performs his own poetry as the narrator on the current Downes Braide Association album ‘Skyscraper Souls’, is the organiser of ‘Soho Poetry Nights’ events and has, in the past, represented the UK through the Royal Court Young People’s Theatre with his theatrical poem ‘North’. His new pamphlet ‘Café Kaput!’ is published by Broken Sleep Books in May, 2020.

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