Issue Two


Letter from the Editors

A Wilfred Owen Pastiche | Gareth Culshaw

The Hermaphrodite | L. A. L. Friedman

Errant | L. A. L. Friedman

Collapse | Robert Beveridge

A Midsommer Nights Dreame | Annie Blake

Off-Script | Angelo Lorenzo

Detestable Malcontent | Robin Ray

Photo of Claude | Glen Sorestad

memoir | Paul Robert Mullen

The Ride in Pride, the Write of Righteous Indignation | Ruth Sabath Rosenthal

Race Home | Angelica M. Ramos-Santa

Would she recognise her granddaughter in her jewelry | Hanna Ketting

Travel/I explore | Prithiva Sharma

Brought to You by Q | Jack M. Freedman

Fragmented: A Sonnet in Infinitives | Yuan Chanming

Clefting | Yuan Chanming

The Teddy Bear Means Everything, or Loving in Circles | Jacquelyn Deighton

Hangover Prophecy | Westley Heine

Self Love #1 | Jason Crawford

Florentine Discourse | Nathanael O’Reilly

Wind Chill | Rosey Lee

Collage | Harley Claes

Authentic Love Letter from Angel to Saffron | Harley Claes

The Posture of Trees | Judy DeCroce

Beneath the Hawthorn | Alastair Brady

Génératrice | Elspeth Wilson

DEPRESS | Hollis Rigney

Dr. Alan L. Hart, Connecticut State Tuberculosis Commission, 1955 | Keaton St. James

Sonnet for Gay History | Keaton St. James

Sunset Over San Diego | Hollis Rigney


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