The Wellington Street Review is currently on hiatus.

The Wellington Street Review takes its name from London’s Wellington Street, once the heart of journalism and now the heart of theatreland.

We are a quarterly journal specialising in creative responses to the past. We publish poetry, prose, essays and other assortments about history and our relationship to it.

Our publication dates are:
31st March
| Issue One| Issue Five
30th June | Issue Two 
30th September
| Issue Three
31st December | Issue Four


What is ‘creative response to the past’?

The Wellington Street Review specialises in literature and critical engagement with history. Historical fiction and period drama tend to dominate the cultural landscape, and mainstream historical narratives – which feed into historical fiction – are told almost exclusively from a white, Anglo-centric upper-to-middle class point of view. It isn’t enough simply to recognise this; to change it must be actively challenged.

We chose the phrase ‘historical engagement’ because it can mean engagement on a macro or a micro level; how you as in individual engage with or think about the past, or how the past is engaged with and portrayed in a wider social & cultural forum.

‘Creative response’ comes from a similar place. We like a recognisable and unique voice from the writer, and an idea of how they interpret space, narrative, temporal distance and the effect of all three in their work. Creativity stems from originality (and vice versa!).

Our submissions are open to everyone, but we are especially interested in underrepresented voices. BIPOC, LGBT and Disabled voices are the most marginalised and erased in literature and history, and they have the most to say.



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