Issue Five


Letter from the Editors

 Sezincote | Barney Ashton-Bullock

Village | Barney Ashton-Bullock

Under a Mountain Sky | Ferdison Cayetano

Crop Markings | Lisa McCabe

To Barbara, with love. | D.S. Maolalaí

I’m So Tired of Killing  | Connie Woodring

The Room on the Ledge | Rosaleen Lynch

Qu’ele Trenche Fer Come Fust | Hibah Shabkhez

Anon’s Battle Song | Hibah Shabkhez

First Word  | Mehreen Ahmed

The Impossible Decision | Rob McKinnon

The Stain of Scandal | Tim Dadswell

Airman | Gale Acuff

One for the Money | Bruce McDougall

On Visiting Passchendaele | Edward Ashworth

War Dance | Gary Thomson

A Walk in the Rain | Gareth Culshaw

Bookhaven | Robert Boucheron

too late | Michael Estabrook

Extinction | J.L. Lapinel

Augur of Winter at Home | Keith Moul

the Witch Cave | Aiden Heung

The Castragon | Patrick M. Hare

Kate Mulvaney, Shrivening | Jack B. Bedell

Kate Mulvaney Leaves Her Handprint in the Mud | Jack B. Bedell

in a flung festoon | Rekha Valliappan

Way Station | Douglas Cole

Some Memories from My Time at Uni | Thomas Morgan

Orange Rocks | Joey Nicoletti

Father on the Alligator | James Miller

Genesis | Emily Bell

Collateral Damage | Ian C. Smith

Song of Francis | Emily Pollock

Sestina for a Hunter | Emily Pollock

Three Royal Consorts (a triptych of interconnected drabbles) | Maura Yzmore

to william carlos williams: take me from my skin, make me a river rock again | K. Persinger

The Ghost of Nikolai de Raylan Crashes a Séance | L. L. Friedman

The Student of History | L. L. Friedman




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