Issue Three


Letter from the Editors

Considering the Generations— while at the Copier with a Poem by Anne Sexton | William Rudolph

History | William Rudolph

Burning | Alison Armstrong

Painterly | Kevin Densley

The Shapeshifting Hawthorn Tree | Chris Wright

Queen Jane | Kenneth Pobo

I Talk with Henry VIII About Gay Rights | Kenneth Pobo

Visions of the Interface | J. S. MacLean

Mines | Steve May

You’re In Hardy Country, 1974 | Barney Ashton

Two Red-Tails Oppose | L. Ward Abel

Grotto | L. Ward Abel

Habeas Corpus; palm reader; anyone who says they wipe without using one of their hands is a liar | Michael Prihoda

the Coen Brothers’ film at the end of the tunnel | Michael Prihoda

The last gift of Lennox | Kate Garrett

Beyond a Joke | Tim Dadswell

Words on the Eaves | River Fujimoto

Evenings in early summer | Rosemary Appleton

Home | Rosemary Appleton

The Almshouse | Merril D. Smith

Common Wealth | Jasmine Respess

Tar Baby | Jasmine Respess

Playground | Samuel Swauger

Just Talk | Charles Venable

The Great Experiment | Carl Boon

The little train of the Somme | Brenda Donoghue

Cape Horn | Jack D. Harvey

Peripatetics | Jack D. Harvey

Oleo Again (Naturally) | Laura Yash      

dear joan | Sophie J. K.  Scott

Amanuensis | Paul Bluestein

Eagle at Beinn Mhòr | Matthew M. C. Smith

Daughter Lost | Scott Ragland

Manhattan, 1971 | Lynne Cattafi

Damon and Pythias | Nick Soluri

The Last Housewife | John Grey

Who Will Tell My Story? | Ivanka Fear

The Pact | Juliette van der Molen

Maeve | Billy Fenton

Everything has to Rest and Reset | Tim Suermondt

36 | Birdy Odell

At Least That Moment | Andrew Shields

Publication | Michael Penny