Awards & Shortlists

The Wellington Street Review nominates for a variety of awards across the year, including Pushcart and Best of the Net. A list of our nominations is available below:

Best of the Net 2019


Sick Bay by Gareth Culshaw
Dr. Alan L. Hart, Connecticut State Tuberculosis Commission, 1955 by Keaton St. James
Errant by L. A. L. Friedman
4th November 2018 by Edward Ashworth
Génératrice by Elspeth Wilson
Black Tuesday by Holly Salvatore


Wind Chill by Rosey Lee
The Clairvoyant by Patrick M. Hare

Creative Non-Fiction

A Pen Boasts by Rosemary Appleton
The Teddy Bear Means Everything, or, Loving in Circles by Jacquelyn Deighton