Issue One



Letter from the Editors

 To Wilfred | Edward Ashworth

4th November 2018 | Edward Ashworth

Final Supper | Anne O’Leary

Noli me tangere | Juliette Sebock

A Pen Boasts | Rosemary Appleton

Umple | Robert Boucheron

Relic | Gail Ingram

Impromptu: Olympian Sonnet | Ian Charles Lepine

Anchoress | Phyllida Jacobs

The Emperor Reversed | Megan Russo

If It Pleases the Court | Anita Goveas

The Pogrom | Merril D. Smith

In Memoriam: Their Names | Merril D. Smith

1989 | A. S. Kresnak

Dead Poets | Alix Penn

The Great Courtesan of Henrietta Street | Olivia Marsh

Catch-22, Part 1 | Michael Prihoda

Catch-22, Part 2 | Michael Prihoda

It Was Coltrane’s First Soprano Sax | John Grey

Count Your Breaths | Chris Wright

I Forgive… | Madelaine Smith

Disguise | Megha Sood

When People Ask Me So How Do You Feel About the War in Ukraine? | Nicole Yurcaba

The Litigator | A. M. Walsh

An Arkansas Airwoman Cheats Her Death | K. T. Slattery

Bonnie | Steve May

Gardens are for burying secrets | Nikkin Rader

Black Tuesday | Holly Salvatore

The Clairvoyant | Patrick M. Hare

Fy Duw, A David Jones Pastiche | Gareth Culshaw

Sick Bay | Gareth Culshaw


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